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PDF Maps is a mobile map application that enables you to download maps for offline use on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Use your device's built-in GPS to track your location on the map. Plot and record information about locations, import and export placemarks, measure distance and area, and even plot photos. You can easily browse and purchase maps from all over the world using the convenient in-app PDF Maps Store.

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 What's new in PDF Maps 2.7.1 for iOS?

  • Support for the Affiliate Program
  • Fixed an issue when importing password protected PDF files
  • Other improvements and bug fixes

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 What's new in PDF Maps 1.7 for Android?

  • Added the ability to search for maps, features and layers
  • Added a QR code scanner to import maps and features
  • Fixed a bug where shortened URLs to .pdfmaps files did not import successfully
  • Fixed a bug where compass displayed 350°N to 359°N as -10°N to -1°N
  • Fixed a bug where a geospatial PDF did not render all tiles
  • General fixes and improvements

version history

PDF Maps features

  • Read geospatial PDF, GeoTIFF, and GeoPDF® maps
  • Browse, preview, purchase and download professionally created maps from the PDF Maps Store, including 1:24,000 scale USGS topographic maps for the entire United States
  • Access and load maps through iTunes File Sharing or Android file system or over a Wi-Fi or cellular network. Saved maps can be used without the need for a live network connection (offline).
  • Quickly view, zoom and pan maps using gestures (pinch, drag and flick, double tap)
  • View your location on a map using the built-in GPS device (requires iPhone and iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular or compatible Android device)
  • Plot placemarks, change pin colors, position and label names, enter attribute data and notes
  • Track real-time movement with GPS (includes speed and elevation statistics) - save, export and import tracks (as KML)
  • Use the compass to view true or magnetic north (iPad and iPhone only)
  • Save placemarks and quickly navigate to placemarks from a list view. Save associated placemark attribute data as KML, CSV, or GPX files and export to iTunes (iOS only), save to SD card (Android only), e-mail or sync with Dropbox.
  • Import placemarks (in KML/KMZ format) from SD card (Android only), Dropbox or the web.
  • Display coordinates in a number of systems including Lat/Long (WGS84), Lat/Long (Map Default), Northing/Easting, or Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)/United States National Grid (USNG)
  • Easily find the coordinates of any location in the map; including the ability to type in a coordinate to search.
  • View the coordinates of the current position and of any placemark and open it in the Maps or Google Maps app
  • Search for points of interest on any map. Places are based on search engine results. Save places as placemarks that can be visible or hidden as required.
  • Measure distances and areas - save measurements to line data with the ability to import and export lines (as KML)
  • Optionally render a map in higher resolution (iOS)
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IMTA Global Map Award

Global Award for the best map product worldwide in 2011, IMTA International

IMTA Best Multimedia Application

Best Maps for Multimedia Application, IMTA Asia-Pacific 2011

IMTA Best Overall Map Product

Graham Stanton Award for the best map product of 2011 in the
region, IMTA Asia-Pacific

Best Use of New Technology & New Media Award, IMTA Americas

Best Use of New Technology & New Media Award, IMTA Americas

Technology Innovation Award for Mobile Mapping

Technology Innovation Award for Mobile Mapping, Geospatial World Forum 2012

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